Not just a huge collection of Shark Pictures: contains images of sharks, skates, rays, and a few chimaera's from around the world. Elasmodiver began as a simple web based shark field guide to help divers find the best places to encounter the different species of sharks and rays that live in shallow water but it has slowly evolved into a much larger project containing information on all aspects of shark diving and shark photography.

There are now more than 10,000 shark pictures  and sections on shark evolution, biology, and conservation. There is a large library of reviewed shark books, a constantly updated shark taxonomy page, a monster list of shark links, and deeper in the site there are numerous articles and stories about shark encounters. Elasmodiver is now so difficult to check for updates, that new information and pictures are listed on an Elasmodiver Updates Page that can be accessed here:


Shark picture - green sawfish








Elasmodiver shark and Ray field Guide (individual pages listed below)




Bat Rays

California Bat Ray

Common Eagle Ray

Southern Bat Ray


Butterfly Rays

Japanese Butterfly Ray

Spiny Butterfly Ray


Coffin rays

Coffin Ray


Cownose Rays

Atlantic Cownose Ray


Eagle Rays

Pacific Spotted Eagle Ray

Spotted Eagle Ray

Whitespotted Eagle Ray


Electric Rays

Apron Ray

Bullseye Electric Ray

Cortez Electric Ray

Lesser Electric Ray



Atlantic Guitarfish

Bowmouth Guitarfish

Banded Guitarfish

Brown Guitarfish

Eastern Shovelnose Ray

Giant Whitespotted Guitarfish

Gorgona Guitarfish

Halavi guitarfish

Shovelnose Guitarfish


Mobula rays

Atlantic Devilray

Bentfin Devil Ray

Manta Ray

Munk's Devil Ray

Reef Manta Ray


River stingrays

River Stingrays (Potamotrygonidae) - evolution, identification, biology and behavior

Atlantic Chupare Stingray

Motoro Stingray

Vermiculate River Stingray Potamotrygon castexi

Rosette River Stingray Potamotrygon schroederi


Round stingrays and stingarees

Bullseye Stingray

Common Stingaree

Cortez Round Stingray

Kapala Stingaree

Leopard Round Stingray

Masked Stingaree

Haller's Round Stingray

Roger's Roundray

Sepia Stingray

Spotted Stingaree

Sinclairs Stingaree

Striped Stingaree

Yellow Stingray



Freshwater Sawfish

Green Sawfish

Smalltooth Sawfish



Barndoor Skate

Big Skate

Clearnose Skate

Little Skate

Longnose Skate

Smooth Skate

Shorttail Fanskate

Starry Skate

Thornback Skate

Thorny Skate

Velez Skate

Winter Skate


Sleeper Rays

Japanese Sleeper Ray


Thornback rays

Thornback Ray

Yellowspotted Fanray


Torpedo Rays

Marbled Torpedo Ray

Pacific Torpedo Ray


Whiptail stingrays

Whiptail Stingrays (Dasyatidae) - classification, identification, biology and behavior.

Arabian Banded Whipray

Atlantic Stingray

Blue Spotted Fantail Ray

Blue stingray

Bluespotted Maskray

Bluntnose Stingray


Common Stingray

Cowtail Stingray

Diamond Stingray

Eastern Cowtail Stingray

Eocene Sun Ray

Jenkins Whipray

Leopard Whipray

Longnose Stingray

Longtail Stingray

Mangrove Whipray

Marbled Stingray

Pelagic Stingray

Pitted Stingray

Red Stingray

Reticulate Whipray

Roughtail Stingray

Round Stingray

Shorttail Stingray

Southern Stingray

Tahitian Stingray

Thorntail Stingray




Angel Sharks

Angular Angelshark

Common Angel Shark

Eastern Australian Angel Shark

Japanese Angelshark

Pacific Angel Shark


Bamboo and Epaulette sharks

Arabian Bamboo Shark

Brownbanded Bamboo Shark

Halmahera Epaulette Shark

Raja Ampat Epaulette Shark

Speckled Epaulette Shark

Triton Bay Epaulette Shark

Whitespotted Bamboo Shark


Basking sharks

Basking Shark


Blind Sharks

Blind Shark


Bullhead sharks

Californian Horn Shark

Galapagos bullhead shark

Japanese Bullhead Shark

Port Jackson Shark

Zebra Bullhead Shark


Cat sharks

Blackmouth Catshark

Blotchy swell shark

Brown Catshark

California Swell Shark

Chain Catshark

Coral Catshark

Dark Shyshark

Filetail Catshark

Leopard Catshark

Lesser Spotted Catshark

Puffadder Shyshark

Pyjama Shark

Redspotted Catshark

Tiger Catshark

Whitesaddled Catshark


Cow sharks

Bigeye Sixgill Shark

Bluntnose Sixgill Shark

Broadnose Sevengill Shark


Dogfish sharks

Cuban Dogfish

Japanese Spurdog

North Pacific Spotted Spiny Dogfish

Roughskin Spurdog

Shortnose Spurdog

Spiny Dogfish


Gulper Sharks

Common Gulper Shark


Hammerhead sharks

Great Hammerhead Shark

Scalloped Hammerhead Shark

Bonnethead Shark

Smooth Hammerhead Shark

Scoophead Shark


Hound Sharks

Banded Houndshark

Brown Smoothhound Shark

Dusky Smoothhound Shark

Gulf of Mexico Smoothhound Shark

Grey Smoothhound Shark

Leopard Shark

Spotted Gully Shark

Starspotted smoothhound shark

Tope Shark


Lantern Sharks

Velvet Belly Lanternshark


Makeral sharks

Great White Shark

Porbeagle Shark

Salmon Shark

Shortfin Mako Shark


Nurse sharks

Nurse Shark

Pacific Nurse Shark

Tawny Nurse Shark


Requiem sharks

Atlantic Sharpnose Shark

Blacknose Shark

Blacktip Reef Shark

Blacktip Shark

Blue Shark

Bronze Whaler Shark

Bull Shark

Caribbean Reef Shark

Dusky Shark

Galapagos Shark

Grey Reef Shark

Lemon Shark

Oceanic Whitetip Shark

Pacific Sharpnose Shark

Sandbar Shark

Sicklefin Lemon Shark

Silky Shark

Silvertip Shark

Spinner Shark

Tiger Shark

Whitetip Reef Shark


Sandtiger sharks

Sandtiger Shark

Smalltooth sandtiger shark


Sleeper sharks

Greenland Shark

Pacific Sleeper Shark


Thresher Sharks

Pelagic Thresher Shark


Whale sharks

Whale Shark


Wobbegong sharks

Banded Wobbegong

Cobbler Wobbegong

Dwarf Ornate Wobbegong

Japanese Wobbegong

Spotted Wobbegong

Tasseled Wobbegong

Wards Wobbegong


Zebra sharks

Zebra Shark






Spotted Ratfish



The Shark Pictures Database Commercial shark picture pages:


Shark Picture Archival Prints  A library of the best shark pictures from the Elasmodiver Shark Pictures Database


Daily Shark Picture Page

Captioned images from the sharkive


Special Catagories

Shark Cages and Shark Cage Diving

Shark Fishing Pictures of Dead Sharks

Shark Feeding Pictures

Shark Bite Pictures

Shark Research Pictures

Shark Teeth Pictures

Shark Eye Pictures

Shark and Ray Egg Case Pictures

Wounded Sharks - images of sharks that have been hit by propellers or caught in fishing lines


Shark and Ray Pictures By Species

Apron Ray pictures

Arabian Bamboo Shark images

Arabian Banded Whipray images

Atlantic guitarfish pictures

Atlantic sharpnose shark pictures

Atlantic stingray pictures

Banded Guitarfish pictures

Banded houndshark pictures

Banded wobbegong pictures

Barndoor skate pictures

Basking shark pictures

Bentfin Devil Ray images

Big skate pictures

Bigeye Sixgill Shark Pictures

Blackmouth Catshark images

Blacknose shark pictures

Blacktip reef shark pictures

Blacktip Shark pictures

Blind Shark pictures

Blue shark pictures

Blue Stingray images

Bluespotted fantail ray pictures

Bluespotted maskray pictures

Bluntnose sixgill shark pictures

Bluntnose stingray pictures

Bonnethead Shark Pictures

Bowmouth Guitarfish pictures

Broadnose Sevengill Shark pictures

Bronze Whaler Shark pictures

Brown Catshark pictures

Brown Guitarfish Pictures

Brown Smoothhound Shark pictures

Brownbanded Bamboo Shark

Bull shark pictures

Bullseye electric ray pictures

Bullseye Stingray Pictures

California Bat Ray Pictures

California Swell Shark Pictures

Caribbean Cownose Ray Pictures

Caribbean reef shark pictures

Caribbean whiptail stingray pictures

Chain catshark pictures

Clearnose Skate pictures

Cobbler wobbegong pictures

Coffin ray pictures

Common Angel Shark pictures

Common Eagle Ray pictures

Common Stingaree pictures

Common Stingray Pictures

Coral Catshark pictures

Cortez electric ray pictures

Cortez round stingray pictures

Cowtail stingray pictures

Cuban Dogfish Pictures

Dark Shyshark pictures

Diamond stingray pictures

Dusky Shark Pictures

Dwarf Ornate Wobbegong Shark Pictures

Eastern Angel Shark Pictures

Eastern Cowtail Stingray images

Eastern Shovelnose Ray pictures

Filetail Catshark pictures

Freshwater Sawfish pictures

Galapagos bullhead shark images

Galapagos shark pictures

Gorgona Guitarfish images

Great hammerhead shark pictures

Great White Shark pictures

Green Sawfish Pictures

Greenland Shark Pictures

Grey reef shark pictures

Grey smoothhound shark pictures

Gulf of Mexico Smoothhound Shark pictures

Gulper shark pictures

Halavi Guitarfish Images

Halmahera Walking Shark images

Henry's Walking Shark images

Horn shark pictures

Japanese Angelshark Images

Japanese Bullhead Shark pictures

Japanese Butterfly Ray pictures

Japanese sleeper ray pictures

Japanese Spurdog images

Japanese swell shark images

Japanese Wobbegong images

Jenkins whipray pictures

Kapala stingaree pictures

Lemon shark pictures

Leopard Catshark pictures

Leopard round stingray images

Leopard Shark pictures

Leopard whipray pictures

Lesser devil ray pictures

Lesser electric ray pictures

Lesser spotted catshark pictures

Little Skate Pictures

Longnose Skate Pictures

Longnose Stingray Images

Longtail stingray pictures

Manta ray pictures

Marbled stingray pictures

Marbled Torpedo Ray pictures

Masked stingaree pictures

Motoro stingray pictures

Nurse shark pictures

Oceanic Whitetip Shark pictures

Oriental Stingaree images

Pacific sharpnose shark pictures

Pacific Sleeper Shark images

Pacific Spotted Eagle Ray images

Pacific Torpedo Ray images

Pelagic stingray pictures

Pelagic thresher shark pictures

Pitted Stingray Images

Porbeagle Shark pictures

Port Jackson shark pictures

Potamotrygon castexi pictures

Puffadder Shyshark pictures

Pyjama shark pictures

Rabbitfish images

Raja Ampat Walking Shark images

Red Stingray Images

Redspotted Catshark pictures

Reef Manta Ray pictures

Reticulate Whipray images

Rogers Roundray pictures

Rosette River Stingray pictures

Roughskin Spurdog images

Roughtail stingray pictures

Round ray pictures

Round Stingray pictures

Salmon Shark pictures

Sandtiger shark pictures

Sandbar Shark pictures

Scoophead shark pictures

Sharptooth Houndshark pictures

Sharptooth Lemon Shark

Shortfin Mako Shark pictures

Short-tail Stingray images

Shorttail Fanskate pictures

Shovelnose Guitarfish pictures

Silky Shark pictures

Sinclair's stingaree pictures

Silvertip Shark Pictures

Smalltooth sandtiger shark pictures

Smalltooth sawfish pictures

Smooth dogfish pictures

Smooth hammerhead shark pictures

Smooth Skate pictures

Smoothtail mobula ray pictures

Soupfin shark pictures

Southern bat ray pictures

Southern stingray pictures

Speckled epaulette shark pictures

Spinner shark pictures

Spiny Angel Shark pictures

Spiny butterfly ray pictures

Spiny dogfish pictures

Spotted ratfish pictures

Spotted spiny dogfish pictures

Spotted stingaree pictures

Spotted wobbegong pictures

Starry skate pictures

Starspotted smoothhound shark images

Striped stingaree pictures

Tahitian stingray pictures

Tasseled wobbegong pictures

Thornback ray pictures

Thornback skate pictures

Thorntail stingray pictures

Tiger shark pictures

Velez skate pictures

Velvet Belly Lanternshark images

Wards wobbegong pictures

Whale shark pictures
Whitesaddled catshark images

Whitespotted Bamboo Shark Pictures

Whitespotted Eagle Ray images

Whitespotted Guitarfish pictures

Whitetail stingray images

Whitetip reef shark pictures

Yellowspotted Fanray images

Yellowspotted stingray pictures

Zebra Bullhead Shark Pictures

Other marine life Images on Elasmodiver:


Fish Pictures an extension of Elasmodiver containing pictures of fish available for commercial licensing

Alaskan Ronquil

Amaco Jack

Amarillo Snapper

Argus Moray

Azure Parrotfish


Banded Butterflyfish



Barred Filefish

Barred Pargo

Barspot Cardinalfish

Bay Goby

Bay Pipefish

Bicolor Parrotfish

Black and Yellow Rockfish

Black Grouper

Black Prickleback

Black Rockfish Pictures

Black-Spotted Porcupinefish

Blackeye Goby

Blue and Gold Snapper

Blue and Yellow Chromis

Blue Angelfish

Blue Rockfish Pictures

Blue Tang

Bluebarred Prickleback

Bluechin Parrotfish

Bluefin Trevally

Bluespotted Cornetfish

Bluespotted Toadfish

Blunthead Triggerfish

Bravo Blenny

Brown Irish Lord Pictures

Brown Rockfish Pictures

Buffalo Sculpin

Bullseye Pufferfish

Bumphead Damselfish

Bumphead Parrotfish

Burrito Grunt

C-O Sole


California Halibut Pictures

Canary Rockfish

Chameleon Wrasse

China Rockfish Pictures

Chinese Trumpetfish

Clarion Angelfish

Clipperton Grouper

Cocos Batfish

Collared Butterflyfish

Copper Rockfish

Coral Hawkfish

Cortez Angelfish

Cortez Damselfish

Cortez Rainbow Wrasse

Cortez Sea Chub


Crescent Gunnel

Dusky Flathead

Dusky Rockfish

Eastern Blue Groper

English Sole

Estuary Catfish

Finescale Triggerfish

Finespotted Moray

Flag Cabrilla

Fringed Sculpin

Giant Damselfish

Giant Hawkfish

Glasseye Snapper

Golden Grouper

Goldrim Surgeonfish

Graybar Grunt

Great Baracuda

Great Sculpin

Green Moray

Grunt Sculpin

Guineafowl Puffer

High Cockscomb

Kelp Greenling

Kelp Perch

King Angelfish

Leafy Sea Dragon

Leather Bass

Leopard Toadfish


Live Suckerfish

Lizard Triplefin Blenny

Lobeskin Puffer

Longfin Gunnel

Longfin Sculpin

Longspine Squirrelfish


Loosetooth Parrotfish

Mahi Mahi

Manacled Sculpin

Mexican Goatfish

Mexican Hogfish

Moorish Idol

Mosshead Warbonnet

Mottled Soapfish

Mullet Snapper

Mutton Hamlet

Nassau Grouper

Northern Clingfish

Northern Ronquil

Northern Sculpin

Northern Sea Robin

Ocean Sunfish

Old Wife

Orangeside Triggerfish

Oyster Toadfish Pictures

Pacific Cod

Pacific Creolefish

Pacific Graysby

Pacific Highhat

Pacific Porgy

Pacific Sanddab

Pacific Spotted Scorpionfish

Pacific Staghorn Sculpin

Padded Sculpin

Painted Greenling

Panama Porkfish

Panamic Fanged Blenny

Panamic Green Moray

Panamic Sergeant Major

Panamic Soldierfish

Penpoint Gunnel

Pile Perch

Pink Cardinalfish

Pipehorse Pictures

Plainfin Midshipman

Planehead Filefish

Polkadot Batfish

Prickly Sculpin

Puget Sound Rockfish

Pygmy Poacher

Quillback Rockfish

Rainbow Chub

Rainbow Scorpionfish

Razor Surgeonfish

Red Gunnel

Red Irish Lord

Redlight Goby

Redtail Triggerfish

Ribbed Sculpin

Ribbon Prickleback

Rock Prickleback

Rock Sole

Roughback Sculpin

Roughspine Sculpin

Saddleback Gunnel

Sailfin Sculpin

Sand Sole

Scalyhead Sculpin

Scissortail Damselfish

Scrawled Filefish

Sea Raven

Shiner Perch

Slender Cockscomb

Smoothhead Sculpin

Snake Prickleback

Sockeye Salmon Pictures

Spinynose Sculpin

Spinster Wrasse

Spotfin Burrfish

Spotfin Sculpin

Spottail Grunt

Spotted Boxfish

Spotted Sharpnose Puffer

Starry Flounder

Sturgeon Poacher Pictures

Summer Flounder

Tadpole Sculpin

Tailspot Cardinalfish

Thornback Sculpin

Threebanded Butterflyfish

Tidepool Sculpin

Tidepool Snailfish

Tiger Reef Eel

Tiger Rockfish

Tiger Snake Eel

Tinsel Squirrelfish

Tropical Flounder


Twinspot Triplefin Blenny

Vermilion Rockfish Pictures

Weedy Sea Dragon Pictures

Weeping Toadfish

Western Blue Groper

Whipper Snapper

Whitespotted Greenling

Whitespotted Pufferfish

Whitespotted Filefish

Whitetail Damselfish

Widow Rockfish

Winter Flounder

Wounded Wrasse

Yellowfin Surgeonfish

Yelloweye Rockfish Pictures

Yellowtail Rockfish Pictures

Yellowtail Surgeonfish

Zebra Moray



Crab Pictures images of crabs and crab like crustaceans

Alaskan Hermit Crab - Pagurus ochotensis

Atlantic Horseshoe Crab - Limulus polyphemus

Batwing Coral Crab - Carpilius corallinus

Bering Hermit Crab - Pagurus beringanus

Black Clawed Crab - Lophopanopeus bellus

Blackeyed Hermit Crab - Pagurus armatus

Butterfly Crab - Cryptolithodes typicus

Dungeness Crab - Metacarcinus magister

Elegant Hermit Crab - Aniculus elegans

Flat Porcelain Crab - Petrolisthes cinctipes

Flattop Crab - Petrolisthes eriomerus

Foliate Kelp Crab - Minimus foliatus

Graceful Crab - Cancer gracilis

Graceful Decorator Crab - Oregonia gracillis

Graceful Kelp Crab - Pugettia gracilis

Grainyhand Hermit Crab - Pagurus granosimanus

Green Crab - Carcinus maenas

Greenmark Hermit - Pagurus caurinus

Hairy Crab Hapalogaster mertensii

Hairy Hermit Crab - Pagurus hirsutiusculus

Helmet Crab - Cancer cheiragonus

Heart Crab - Phyllolithodes papillosus

Longhorn Decorator Crab - Chorilla longipes

Northern Kelp Crab - Pugettia producta

Pacific Red Hermit Crab - Elassochirus gilli

Pubescent Porcelain Crab - Pachycheles pubescens

Puget Sound King Crab - Lopholithodes mandtii

Pygmy Rock Crab - Trichocera oregonensis

Red Rock Crab - Cancer productus

Rhinoceros Crab - Rhinolithodes wosnessenskii

Scaled Crab - Placetron wosnessenskii

Sharpnose Crab - Scyra acutifrons

Sheep Crab - Loxorhynchus grandis

Spiny Lithode Crab - Acantholithodes hispidus

Squat Lobster - Munida quadrispina

Tanner Crab - Chionoecetes bairdi

Umbrella Crab - Cryptolithodes sitchensis

Widehand Hermit Crab - Elassochirus tenuimanus

Yellow Shore Crab - Hemigrapsus oregonensis


Seal and Sea Lion Pictures An extension of elasmodiver containing images of seals, se lions, fur seals and walruses

California Sea Lion Pictures

Guadalupe Fur Seal Pictures

Northern Elephant Seal Pictures

Steller Sea Lion Pictures


Marine Images A portfolio of marine images such as lighthouses, submersibles, waves, coastal scenes, etc.

Ocean Pearl Private Submarine pictures

Lighthouse Pictures

Hat Head Lighthouse

El Cabron Lighthouse

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse

Guereo Negro Lighthouse

Bahia de los Angeles Lighthouse


Shell Pictures an extension of Elasmodiver containing images of shells, abalone, limpets, clams, bivalves and other shelled mollusks

Northern Abalone - Haliotis kamtschatkana


Coastlines images of coastal scenes, beaches, coastal towns and villages

Alma, Bay of Fundy, Canada

Arinaga, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Bremer Bay, Western Australia

Guadalupe Island, Baja, Mexico

Holbox Island, Mexico

Los Gigantes, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Southwest Rocks, NSW, Australia

Tahsis Inlet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada


Octopus Pictures and images of squid an extension of Elasmodiver containing pictures of cephalopods available for commercial licensing

Caribbean Reef Squid Pictures

Common Cuttlefish Pictures

Common Octopus Pictures

Day Octopus Pictures

Giant Cuttlefish Pictures

Greater Blue Ringed Octopus Pictures

Pacific Red Octopus Pictures

Stubby Squid Pictures

Two Spot Octopus Pictures

Whitespotted Octopus Pictures


Alligator Pictures and Images of Crocodiles an extension of Elasmodiver containing pictures of crocodilians

American Alligator pictures - images of Alligator mississippiensis



More Elasmodiver Pages:


SHARK DIVING HOTSPOTS The best places to dive with sharks and rays around the world

Monad Shoal, Malapascua - Pelagic Thresher Sharks and Whitespotted Bamboosharks.

Los Gigantes, Tenerife - common stingrays, eagle rays, roughtail rays.

El Cabron Marine Reserve, Canary Islands - Common Angel Sharks.

Fish Rock, NSW, Australia - Banded wobbegongs, dwarf ornate wobbegongs, grey nurse sharks, blind sharks, shark rays and more.

Quadra Island, British Columbia, Canada - Spiny Dogfish.

Hornby Island, British Columbia, Canada - Sixgill Sharks.

Shark Safaris, Bahamas - Tiger Sharks, Great Hammerheads, Caribbean Reef Sharks, Bul Sharks, and Lemon Sharks.

The Outer Banks, North Carolina, USA - Sandtiger Sharks.

Catalina Island Blue Water, California, USA - Blue sharks and Mako sharks.

The Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall, UK - Basking Sharks.

Stingray City, Grand Cayman - Southern Stingrays.

Hamelin Bay, Western Australia - Cobbler Wobbegong, Necklace Carpet Shark.

Ningaloo Reef, western Australia - Whale Sharks, Whitetip Reef, Tasseled Wobbegong, Wards Wobbegong shark.

Cocos Island, Costa Rica - Scalloped Hammerheads, Silkies, Silvertips, Prickly Sharks, Galapagos, Whale sharks, Whitetip Reef sharks, and Marble Rays.

St Maarten, Netherland Antilles - Blacknose and Caribbean Reef Sharks.

Holbox Mexico - Whale Sharks and Manta Rays

Venice, Louisiana - Dusky Sharks, Scalloped Hammerheads and more.

Guadalupe Island, Mexico - Great White Shark cage diving.

Utila, Honduras - Whale sharks

Isla Malpelo - smalltooth sandtigers, schooling hammerheads, whitetips, Galapagos sharks and whale sharks


SHARK BIOLOGY AND BEHAVIOR  Biology, physiology, and behavioral traits of sharks and rays.





SHARK DIVING 101 An introduction to the do's and dont's of shark diving


THREATENED SHARKS Information and articles detailing the plight of different shark and ray species.

THE RED LIST An excerpt from the IUCN red list listing the threatened status of many shark species.


ABOUT ELASMODIVER why elasmodiver? an intro page.


SHARK FACTS FOR STUDENTS AND TEACHERS - basic shark and ray information.

  Shark Conservation

PROTECTING SHARKS Organizations and Activists

THE PREDATORS IN PERIL PROJECT Elasmodiver Pubic Awareness Campaign


SHARK TAXONOMY A list of all known shark, ray, and chimaera species in taxonomic order

NEW SHARK SPECIES Newly described or discovered species of sharks and rays.


SHARK EVOLUTION A brief introduction to the evolution of sharks and rays.


SHARK DIVING STORIES A list of published shark diving articles authored by the webmaster

Salmon Shark Diving Encounters with mini great whites in Prince William Sound Alaska

Hammered on Bimini diving with Great Hammerheads in the Bahamas

Redspotted Catsharks of Chile diving with Pinta Roja off the coast of Pacific South America.

Fantastic False Bay Diving with Great whites, sevengills and many species of catsharks in South Africa.

Thresher Sharks of Malapascua Island Diving with Pelagic Thresher Sharks in the Philippines.

Isla Malpelo: Seamount of Monsters diving with the smalltooth sandtigers of Malpelo Island.

The Deep Sharks of Cape Eleuthera documenting deep sea shark species in the Bahamas.

Paradise Found at Fakarava diving with hundreds of Grey Reef Sharks in French Polynesia.

Refugees of the Gulf Oil Spill the plight of the Gulf of Mexico Smoothhound.

Muck Monsters of the Badlands diving with skates and spotted ratfish.

Seize the Day diving with sandtigers in the Diamond Shoals while you still can.

Shark Diving 101 do's and donts of shark diving.

Sharpnose Sharks the life history and demise of one of the most abundant sharks in the sea.

Master of Disguise diving with cobbler wobbegong sharks.

Oceanic Odyssey diving with oceanic whitetip sharks at Cat Island.

A Day at the Beach Tiger Beach.

Macho Mako a close encounter with a dangerous mako.

Winged Wonders of the Canary Islands Diving with rays at Los Gigantes

Shark Diving for Dummies You should read this...

North American Shark Diving Tour Part 1

North American Shark Diving Tour Part 2

North American Shark Diving Tour Part 3

North American Shark Diving Tour Part 4

North American Shark Diving Tour Part 5

North American Shark Diving Tour Part 6

North American Shark Diving Tour Part 7

Chasing Angel Sharks diving with common angel sharks in Gran Canaria

Chasing Porbeagles Working with researchers to tag porbeagle sharks in the Bay of Fundy

Shark Fever Risking all to shoot rare sharks

The High Price of Shark Fin Soup the shark fin trade exposed

Cornish Catsharks diving with lesserspotted catsharks

Spiny Dogfish at Quadra Island diving with BC spurdogs

Hammers and Tigers in the Bahamas diving with great hammerheads and tiger sharks

The Sandtigers of North Carolina diving with sharks on the wrecks of the Outer Banks

Addicted to Rays a fixation with chasing stingrays

Land of the Giants Basking Sharks of Porthkerris

Searching for Sixgill Sharks diving with bluntnose sixgill sharks around Vancouver Island

Tassled Wobbegongs diving with wobbegongs under the Exmouth Navy Pier

Stingray City on Steroids shore diving with stingrays in Hamelyn Bay

The Spectacular Spiny Dogfish spiny dogfish exposed

Reef Shark Rampage in St Maarten diving with Caribbean reef sharks

Ghost Sharks - Spotted Ratfish diving with Hydrolagus collei

Invasion of the Port Jackson Sharks diving in a Port Jackson Shark nusery in Albany, WA.

Fish Rock - Banded Wobbegongs Down Under diving at Wobbegong Central

Chasing Rays in Baja California Sur stingrays of the Sea of Cortez

Eye Contact Diving with Porbeagles in the Bay of Fundy

The Swell Shark's Last Stand diving with swell sharks in California


SHARK MOVIES Reviews of shark documentaries and tongue in cheek shark movie reviews


SHARKFEST Elasmodiver's shark film festival

Sharkfest 2010 Trip Report


SHARK BOOKS Reviews of a long list of shark books and magazines


SHARK ATTACKS An introduction into the dynamics of shark attacks and the treatment of victims


SHARK PHOTOGRAPHY An introduction into the fundamentals of photographing sharks

The Ethics of Photographing Sharks

Shark Photography - Composition

Shark Photography - Strobe Use

Shark Photography - Exposure Challenges

Shark Photography - Photographing Sharks at Night

Shark Photography - Shooting rays in the sand.

Shark Photography - Getting Close

Shark Photography - Working with the Shark Girl

Underwater Photography Workshop Course Outline





  Andy Murch - Shark Photographer and Creator of Elasmodiver



SHARK FEEDING Information, advice, training resources, equipment, and cautions.

The Shark Feeding Controversy Opinions, ethics, and repercussions of feeding sharks.

Shark Feeding Techniques exploring the different styles of shark feeding




ELASMOBLOG ARCHIVES The wramblings of a frustrated shark photographer

ELASMODIVER UPDATES a chronological list of changes and additions to Elasmodiver.

SHARK LINKS - A very long list of shark resources on the internet.


ELASMODIVER GLOSSARY OF SHARK TERMS A list of scientific terms used in the text.

LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS Information on the contributing photographers showcased on Elasmodiver.

ELASMODIVER CONTACT INFORMATION Mailing address / phone number for image enquiries.

FEEDBACK letters from the readers of

PROJECT DEEP SHARK expanding the horizons of shark photography with a deep ocean camera housing


The BC Marinelife Index A photographic portfolio of marine images of Britsh Columbia by Andy Murch

Andy's Schedule

DIVE SHOPS The Dive Shop Project


Shark Picture Pages in other Languages:

  Imágenes de tiburones The Shark Picture Database translated into Español.












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